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US Bully Registry is an organization founded to provide a network of support, education and documentation of Bully Breeds.

Welcome to our website. Here you can find more information as we start building the registry. If you have any questions please email us and we will answer as soon as we can. We ask for a bit of patience from everyone, but you will be excited by the end product.


US Bully registry (USBR) offers one central place for all your dog needs and a voice for our dogs. We will be registering breeds in order to start the process of building the generations needed behind every new breed. Registering will be easy with the US Bully registry, because we have an extended list of registries that we will accept. Our goal is to unite a community and provide more of a voice to the dog owners. Many have looked past that point, because online a registry does not progress without its base of dog owners. We will offer National Breed clubs for our breeds that will give the power to the breed owners to make changes to standards or rules.

We are providing registration services for all bully breeds nation-wide. Please fill out the forms and don't forget to provide Pedegree for your dog. We are processing papers in order they coming, as fast as possible.

US Buly Registry is proud to present the Conformation Program & Weight Pull Program.


USBR Registration Form

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USBR Litter Registration Form

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A little history

The Bull Terrier is a cross breed between the Old English Bulldog and a variety of Terriers. The anatomy of the Bull and Terrier is the result of selective breeding for the purpose of hunting, dog fighting and baiting.
Most terriers, of the past and present, carry a quarter to an eighth of Old English Bulldog blood in them in order to give courage to bear the bites of the prey they are meant to attack. There are earth-working dogs who by definition are called terriers because they have the ability to go to ground; however, the best earth-working and hunting terriers are the bulldogs earth-working dogs, also known as the “Bull-Terrier”

The terrier as used for hunting is a strong useful little dog, with great endurance and courage, and with nearly as good a nose as the Beagle or Harrier.


  • American Bully with varieties: Standard, Pocket, Xl and Extreme
  • American Bulldog
  • American Pitbull Terrier
  • Exotic Bully
  • English Bulldog
  • French Bulldog
  • Short Bull
  • Olde English Bulldog
  • Bull Terrier

Please browse around, check our dog shows section, see our albums and much more here on teh website. Feel free to contact us via website form or email us directly with any questions or concerns. We love dogs, we do our best to support the community and orginize the best dog-shows in country.


Our community has love for all the bully breeds. We are building a database of pedigrees that will help the all nation-wide Bully communities to research dogs, test future breeding of dogs, and also have a place to put registered Bullies online.


  • All dogs must have the sire and dam information
  • Please add all important details about your dog registration
  • If you are adding your dog, please submit a picture and date of birth
  • Double check all spelling
  • Once you click SUBMIT your registration will be submitted to the office
  • If you are not the sire owner, USBR will call sire owner to verify
  • Your credit card will be charged when we process your registration