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General Characteristics

The American Bully presents the incredible quality for its size. Minimized to medium/vast size puppy with a bulky body and blocky head. 
Influential in its development but at the same time should show easy movement. Definitely alive and alarm to its surroundings. 
The American Bully appears to be overwhelming with bone structure with a Bully form and look.

The American Bully is a friend breed showing certainty, a vitality, along with an extravagant will to please their family. This making the American Bully an incredible family sidekick.
Regardless of the American Bully's furious and effective appearance their mien is tender. They are extraordinary with children, and amazingly agreeable with outsiders, different mutts, and different creatures.
Human or pooch hostility, great modesty, or violence is extremely strange of the American Bully and is exceptionally undesirable.